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About Us

FASH'FOLIES GLAMOUR is a glamour clothing line for cocktails, glamour events and high-profile jet-set parties. We are a contemporary French-British Female centric online boutique, which came to light in 2016, when JC Gnante its FOUNDER and CEO fulfilled his long-term, teenage hood dream of establishing himself in the female fashion industry, and becoming an acclaimed Fashion Designer, which over the years he kept a keen interest into by regularly attending fashion shows on the London scene.

He's always had this sense of adventure, journeying through life fully and unorthodoxly. He is a risk-taker, an overachiever always pushing his limits, a game-changer.

The love for clothing in general, the love of making women look their best ever, be glamourous, and making their femininity, natural grace and aura shine and glow led to the birth of FASH'FOLIES GLAMOUR, an original name that is a mix of English and French, basically summarizing a strong sense of devotion to fashion...breathe fashion, live fashion, be crazy about fashion.

The dynamic world of fashion is all around us...magazines, television, newspapers.
Whether it is the latest haute couture from the world's top fashion shows or this season's must-have little black dress from the high street, fashion has become an essential part of 21st-century lifestyle.
From the most exclusive designer names, to cheap and cheerful supermarket casuals, there is no walk of life where fashion does not play a part. Its influence is everywhere and clothing has been transformed from an essential we all need, to our way of showing the world who we are.
If we pick the right clothes, we can feel younger, more attractive and more glamorous. Fashion yields a lot of great things...the excitement, the creativity, the buzz.
Although large multinational companies are dominant players in the arena, there is always room for smaller designers to fit in.
The world of fashion and design is a huge industry that offers a wealth of opportunities that are available to every creative and talented mind, because nowadays fashion is all about creating your own style.
Gone are the days when people would buy everything they need from one store. Now they mix and match designer labels with more down-to-earth brands; everyone is looking for a style to express their own individuality.
Besides our website being in English our long-term goal is to expand to the following markets with additional versions of our website in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian (Russia and Ukraine markets).
We are particularly proud of a collection you will love to play dress up in. These feminine and flattering pieces will turn that sense of "too many clothes, nothing to wear" dilemma into that "Eureka" magic moment when you find the "One" at FASH'FOLIES GLAMOUR to revamp your wardrobe collection. Our slogan is... "Passionately Female Elegance" and at FASH'FOLIES GLAMOUR, "we got you covered".


A hand-drawn sketch style logo made as vector file. 
This was made as a 1-1 project and the copyright license is exclusive to FASH' FOLIES GLAMOUR LIMITED, so no copies are allowed. Fashion sketches and designs by Fashion Designer, Jennifer D. Griffey for brand: FASH’ FOLIES GLAMOUR. Please, note that all designs and images are copyrighted and remain the sole property of FASH’ FOLIES GLAMOUR LIMITED. Any partial or total reproduction of texts and images is strictly forbidden, at risk of legal proceedings, without the express authorization of FASH’ FOLIES GLAMOUR LIMITED.

We are registered in England and Wales under the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, section 1115 of the Companies Act 2006.
Registration number: 09938754
Our VAT number is: 241442635